IT Projects
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Some professional IT projects carried out

As a sort of side projects that has not been part of my normal day to day duties an IT professional, there are a few things that I like to mention for the record.

Coalmine - the simple CRM system

coalmine When AppGate was first resurrected from the default we where not that many people. But there was a need for a CRM system. We actually had a license for a CRM system called Goaldmine. But even though this software was now free for us to use license wise, it was a behemoth both to install, maintain and learn how to use. I decided we need something much simpler and I started to write a simple CRM system based on PHP and mysql. It kept track of leads, customer contacts, mailing lists, licenses, etc, and could produce a number reports.

A Book on Security architectures.

In 1999 I was a cowriter on a book about security architectures. The book has apparently sold quite well over the years and there has been several prints. The rumor is that there will be a new updated edition as well. ISBN9789163072635